I’m currently preparing for a move to Indiana to start my Master of Library Science and working on several personal projects. Do reach out if you’re looking for a creative or technical writer, illustrator, editor, or writing partner for your own songs, poems, and stories.

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Visual Art

I spend a good deal of my time making art. My website is down for renovations right now, but should be back up soon.

Talking Toad

Toad Talk is my newsletter and personal creative outlet for comix and creative writing; currently on hiatus.



Bringing Pitt to the World

As a communicator for Pitt’s University Center for International Studies, I help bring Pitt to the world (and the world to Pitt).

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Coordinating a Collaborative

My first job out of school was billed as “Program Coordinator”. I quickly found out that stood for “six different jobs mashed into one” and learned on my feet how to do all six over three years with the WVPEC.

February 2021


Mt. Tabor: A Community History

The Mt. Tabor Baptist Church was established in 1788 and was among the earliest churches founded in Monongalia County, Virginia. In this article, I drew on primary sources and public records to delve into the church’s role in the Mon County community at large.

April 2019

Witchy Woman: Duessa as a Feminist Force in The Faerie Queene

Ooo ooo, witchy woman, see how she subverts rigid gender norms! I wrote this paper as the capstone for my B.A. and had a great time digging into Elizabethan poetry, conduct books, and crones.

August 2017

Pride and Prejudice &

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book!” And indeed, audiences have not tired of Jane Austen’s writing. I explored several adaptations hosted on in this article written for an Austen course.

May 2017