I’m currently preparing for a move to Indiana to start my Master of Library Science and working on several personal projects. Do reach out if you’re looking for a creative or technical writer, illustrator, editor, or writing partner for your own songs, poems, and stories.

- M

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Toad Talk is a variety-show-in-the-form-of a newsletter, first launched in April 2022. I’d gotten fed up with Instagram because no one was seeing my posts any more (thanks, non-chronological algorithm) and my feed was riddled with ads every time I logged on. 

While I do love writing just for writing’s sake, I also enjoy having more space to experiment and connect with an audience. Toad Talk has given me just that; with a 70%+ read rate, an engaged audience, and a newly-launched subscription plan, I feel my work has finally found the right online home.
Currently, Toad Talk is released weekly, as it has been since the first issue came out in April 2022. I write all of the content and produce nearly all of the illustrations and photos myself, though I have created a “staff” so I can put on different personas when I feel like switching things up.

I plan to keep expanding Toad Talk, add guest features, and fit in some longer-form serialized stories as my audience grows.

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